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14 February, 2016

Learn about Zankou Chicken: The California Legend

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Zankou Chicken is one of the most famous restaurants in Los Angeles. Although the emphasis is on service, anyone would be hard pressed to call it fast food. Here in California, most just call it “Legendary”. Of course Zankou is known for its crispy rotisserie chicken, but there is a history that goes deeper than just the origins of the vertical rotisserie.

From Beirut to Los Angeles

When Zankou first opened, occupying a tiny and busy street corner in the middle of a bustling city, the restaurant took off because of the great home style cooking. Vartkes Iskanderian wanted to share his family secrets with his local community, producing some of the best chicken and garlic sauce people had ever eaten. In fact, it was the garlic sauce that helped to expand the menu. People couldn’t get enough of it, and they wanted to put it on everything: from kabob to falafel.

For 20 years, the Iskendarian family brought communities together through a mutual love of excellent food. Then it was time for a change.

Vartkes took his family to the West to settle in Los Angeles. There, he hoped to provide the thriving arts community with delicious and affordable food.

Today, Zankou is a healthy alternative to the fast food offerings saturating Los Angeles. Although prices have gone up a bit, the plates, sandwiches and family favorites remain one of the most affordable options for diners. Zankou Chicken is delivered fresh, daily, cooked to perfection and made with all natural ingredients. In fact, the roasted chicken uses organic local spices for a flavor you’d be hard pressed to find outside of the Golden State.