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16 April, 2019

Afternoon coffee and cake at Angelina tea house

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Article submitted by Cécile Zarokian

Paris is famous, for its exquisite selection of patisseries, bakeries, cake shops and chocolatiers, all over the world. All these places offer their own unique take on traditional desserts and pastries. One such place is the famous Angelina Tea House. It is a place that has maintained its reputation of being one of the best teahouses in Paris.

Although Angelina tearoom is famous for its wide selection of teas, you can also enjoy a hot cup of coffee from the restaurant. All coffee lovers can eat at this traditional place and enjoy coffee and cake, while enjoying the historical décor of the place. The cakes are extremely sublime and are served in just about the right portion for one person. You take one bite of the cake and it melts right into your month. This experience will surely take you on a journey of tantalizing flavors.

Make a reservation and book yourself a seat at Angelina tea house. However, if you go there without one, then be prepared to wait for up 30 minutes in a queue. Although all the waiting might seem annoying at the time, but once you have experienced Angelina’s promised joy, you will come out one happy customer.

Your trip will definitely be worth it, especially if you enjoy afternoon coffee and cake in historical sceneries. When you go to Paris make sure that you visit this renowned tea house at Louvre and make the most of your visit by trying its entire lavish menu of breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and desserts.